You can enrol your child at our centre from birth. It is highly recommended that you enrol your child as soon as convenient to have the greatest choice of group options.

The names of the waiting list are kept in chronological order on receipt of applications, together with a non-refundable $11.00 fee. All enrolment offers are made strictly in accordance with the waiting list and the number of vacancies available.

The waiting list form is available by:

Completing the form online

Complete the form online (see below);

Download the PDF form

Click here to download the PDF form. Then email or post back to us as follows:

  • use the contact form on our Contact Us page to send the form back to us
  • Warwick Community Kindergarten, PO Box 169, Warwick QLD 4370

Collect from the office

  • Collecting from the office at 54 Dragon Street (Tuesday to Thursday, 8.30am-3.00pm)
  • Call the office – (07) 4661 2138

Online Enrolment Form